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Common Developmental Gross Motor Milestones**
0-2 Months
While on Stomach:
  • Turns head side to side
  • Lifts head and shoulders up from floor
While on Back:
  • Bends and straightens legs
  • Bends and straightens arms
  • Follows object with eyes
  • Looks at hands for 3 seconds
  • Grasps adult's finger
  • Grasps rattle for 30 seconds
3-5 Months
  • Brings hands to center of body (midline)
  • Reaches towards a toy
  • Rolls from back to right and left sides of body
  • Brings feet to mouth
  • Holds head up
  • Bears weight on extended arms
  • Grasps and releases toys
6-8 Months
  • Rolls from back to stomach
  • Sits without support
  • May move forward on belly about 3 feet
  • Bounces in supported standing
  • "Rakes" with fingers to pick up small objects such as a Cheerio
  • Transfers objects between hands
 9-11 Months
  • Rock back and forth on hands and knees
  • Crawls forward on hands and knees
  • Pulls self up to stand at furniture
  • Cruises along furniture
  • Gets into the sitting position
  • Points with index finger
  • Claps hands
  • Removes socks
  • Emerging pincer grasp with small objects
12-14 Months
  • Walks without support
  • Creeps up 2 steps on hands and knees
  • Rolls a ball forward and corrals ball with arms in sitting
  • Opens a book
  • Marks/Scribbles a paper with a crayon
  • Picks up 2 cubes (small blocks) with 1 hand and holds them
15-18 Months
  • Walks fast
  • Walks backwards
  • Lifts foot and contacts a ball
  • Stacks 2-3 cubes (small blocks)
  • Places 2 shapes correctly in appropriate holes
  • Walks up 4 steps holding wall or railing for support (placing one or both feet on each step)
 19-24 Months
  • Runs forward
  • Squats in Play
  • Propels ride-on toys
  • Walks sideways
  • Kicks a ball forward
  • Throws a small ball
  • Jumps forward
  • Walks up 4 steps without wall or railing for support
  • Places 3 shapes correctly in appropriate holes
  • Stacks 4-6 cubes (small blocks)
2 Years (24-35 months)
  • Rides tricycle
  • Walks on tip-toes
  • Walks down stairs without support
  • Stands on 1 foot  for up to 3 seconds
  • Catches a large ball
  • Draws a circle
  • Builds a wall of 4 blocks 
  • Builds a bridge of 3 blocks
Pre-School Age (3-4 years)
  • Hops on one foot
  • Stands on one foot for at least 5 seconds
  • Runs and stops without falling
  • Walks on a line
  • Hits a target with a small ball about 5 feet away
  • Jumps distances of about 2 feet
  • Cuts with scissors
  • Unbuttons 3 buttons
  • Laces 3 holes
  • Traces a horizontal line 
Early School Age (5-8 years)
  • Gallops
  • Skips on alternating feet
  • Can play hopscotch (balance on one foot, controlled hopping)
  • Kick a ball with force and direction
  • Jump forward about 3 feet
  • Hop 3 feet on one foot
  • Complete 3 sit-ups
  • Cuts out a square printed on paper
  • Colors between vertical lines
  • Grasps marker between thumb and pad of index finger (mature tripod pencil grasp)
These are a few average developmental milestones.  This list does not encompass all the milestones available for each age range.  These are suggested age ranges according to a variety of textbooks and developmental motor tests and may vary from one child to the next.

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